Electric Series

Exciting Things Are On the Horizon

Embrace the great outdoors while minimizing your environmental impact with our fully battery-powered HYFOIL boats. Experience unparalleled speed and precision handling on the water, boasting a range that nearly doubles that of other electric vessels. Our innovative design eliminates traditional gas tanks, opting instead for advanced battery storage to ensure a cleaner and quieter ride. Equipped with an ultra-efficient foil set, HYFOIL electric boats provide smooth movement across the water and can easily accommodate tow-behind water sports, guaranteeing an eco-friendly adventure without compromise. Every HYFOIL model can be powered by cutting-edge, fully battery-powered electric outboard engines. Welcome aboard the next wave of sustainable marine innovation.

Electric 22 Specs

With twin 50 kW engines 

50+ nm range with 80 kWh battery @25knots


Download a copy of the HYFOIL 22 digital brochure by clicking here



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