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At HYFOIL Marine, we are dedicated to revolutionizing your boating experience with our innovative hydrofoil technology. Our boats offer superior performance, efficiency, and handling, ensuring you reach your destination faster and with more ease.
Unmatched Efficiency
Unmatched Efficiency
HYFOIL boats offer superior fuel efficiency, consuming less power and delivering a longer range compared to traditional boats.
Superior Handling
Superior Handling
HYFOIL boats track as if operating on rails, providing a stable and precise handling experience even in challenging conditions.
Innovative Engineering
Innovative Engineering
HYFOIL boats are crafted with durable, high-grade materials and adhere to eco-friendly construction practices.
Customer Testimonials

As someone who practically lives on the water, all our support boats should be HYFOILs. They are so smooth and fuel efficient, it's an easy choice.

- B. Hall - Clearwater, FL

I've been traveling waterways for decades. I have never experienced anything like the way the HYFOIL goes over the water

- Matt G. - Superyacht Captain

We view HYFOIL as the ultimate standard when sourcing VVIP charter boats.  They are the perfect boat for our needs.

- JM - Grand Pix Sailing

The boat can fit so many people and it still performs with instant acceleration. We all love it!

- Rob B - Lake George

This is the most extraordinary boat I’ve ever been on. Immediately, I could tell it was different. It is like a Hummer and a Lamborghini had a baby; so strong & stable but FAST!

- William G - Professional Driver

I've been on over 80 RIBs this year covering sailing events around the world. Your HYFOIL is the best one out of them all.

- ASG - Sailing commentator

I tested military Ribs for over 10 years, this boat handles the slop so much better. It just glides over the waves

- Glen S. - Miami, FL

I love that we get to play on the HYFOIL all weekend and never have to wait with the crowds at the fuel dock to refuel for the next day

- Charlotte B- Lake George, NY

My seasonal lake house is useable for two more months each year now.  The HYFOIL 22 is so safe and easy to handle, it makes life so much easier

- JC - Lake Champlain

We can now stay out on the islands for extra hours and don't have to worry about the building wave conditions.  The HYFOIL handles the waves with ease.

- Lele P - Cape Cod, MA

The boat just pops up on plane without any effort.; it is so cool, we love it

- S. Smith - Barnegat Bay, NJ

Mike and the HYFOIL team have always been their for me no matter how big or small the ask, I know I can count on them for anything from delivering the boat, servicing, storage to simple tips that take the questions out of boating

- Phil W. - Boston, MA

The boat is a head turner, it is so sexy looking it makes me look better.

- HG - Long Island - NY

The winter service package is amazing! HYFOIL takes care of everything and makes it all trouble free; the boat looks like the day I bought it.   I just tell Mike when to pick it up and drop it back off. 

- LS - Topsail beach, NC
Latest News
HYFOIL Marine at SailGP in NYC

On June 22nd and 23rd, HYFOIL Marine proudly supported the SailGP event in New York City with a fleet of HYFOIL 28s, showcasing advancements in hydrofoil technology.

The First Electric HYFOIL 32 is Launched and Tested on the Water

HYFOIL Marine proudly announces the launch of the HYFOIL 32, a fully battery-powered electric boat showcasing our cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability.

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