The Hyfoil Advantage

Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life

At HYFOIL, we go beyond boat-building; we craft experiences that redefine water adventures. Our meticulously designed vessels offer simplicity with enhanced handling, allowing you to dive into the fun without complications.

Stability and Control: Superior Handling and an Unrivaled Ride
Stability and Control: Superior Handling and an Unrivaled Ride

HYFOIL Marine boats guarantee exceptional stability thanks to their advanced hydrofoil systems. Incorporating static wings between the hulls enhances steadiness, ensuring a controlled ride that maintains forward tracking and levelness, yet swiftly responds to steering helm adjustments or slight engine tilt changes. This boat is highly responsive, agile, and enables precise maneuvering, effortlessly adapting to diverse water conditions.

Whether at rest or in motion, the expansive catamaran hull offers ample interior space and prevents the vessel from overreacting to weight imbalances. Its advanced composite construction and rigid hard-sided inflatable hull design contribute to a robust yet lightweight craft that is easily maneuverable for launching, docking, beaching, trailering, towing, hoisting, or keeping on a lift. Additionally, when in motion, HYFOILs deliver a unique ride experience characterized by smoother movements and minimized pitch, heave, and vertical accelerations."

Efficiency and Speed: Unparalleled Performance and Agility
Efficiency and Speed: Unparalleled Performance and Agility

HYFOIL Marine vessels achieve remarkable efficiency and agility through hydrofoil-assisted technology. By lifting the hull, drag is reduced, allowing for accelerated speeds with minimal effort and enhanced efficiency. HYFOIL's innovative design nearly halves horsepower requirements while nearly doubling the range. Experience high-performance and efficiency without compromise, setting a new standard in water adventures.

Safety is paramount during fast-paced, eco-friendly journeys. In addition to utilizing smaller engines and consuming half the power, HYFOIL boats produce minimal wake, minimizing interference with other vessels and disturbances to natural wildlife habitats. With six separate air chambers in the tubes and an abundance of extra buoyancy reserve, HYFOIL boats are USCG-classified as unsinkable, ensuring peace of mind on every voyage.

Innovative Design and Materials: Customized for Your Expeditions
Innovative Design and Materials: Customized for Your Expeditions

HYFOIL Marine boats boast a revolutionary modular design, allowing for effortless customization of top-side arrangements and accessories. From seating layouts to storage compartments, t-tops to tow posts, and arches to sunshades, your preferences shape the vessel's configuration. This adaptability extends to foil sets, with options including cruise, sport, and eco styles. Moreover, fuel tanks and batteries can be added or removed to accommodate varying loads, speeds, and applications. Crafted from carbon fiber or fiberglass composite materials, these boats ensure durability and longevity, seamlessly integrating with evolving powertrain technologies. Whether you seek enhancement or simplification, HYFOIL keeps you at the forefront of boating innovation. Explore your options here.


  • Increased top speed
  • Faster acceleration
  • Wave dampening
  • Shallow draft
  • Drier ride
  • Greater stability at rest and when underway at any speed
  • Improved sea keeping
  • Extended range
  • Smaller engines
  • Reduced fuel consumption

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