Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 9:00AM

HYFOIL Marine provides media boat and PRO vessel for 2017 Key West Race Week

HYFOIL Marine contributed to the success of the 2017 Key West Race Week by supplying a media boat and a utility vessel, elevating both logistics management and the quality of media coverage. The 22' boat, utilized by the Principal Race Officer (PRO) for coordinating activities across three racecourses over 2 miles apart, showcased unparalleled fuel efficiency, negating the need for refueling throughout the event. Despite facing strong winds and waves up to 6 feet, the PRO single-handedly managed the courses with unmatched ease and safety, thanks to the boat's exceptional capabilities.

The media boat was pivotal in enhancing media coverage of the event. Equipped with hydrofoil technology, it provided a smooth and low-wake platform for photographers and videographers, enabling them to capture the racing action up close without disturbing the water or the competitors. This not only ensured high-quality visual content but also allowed media teams to swiftly return to shore to edit and publish press materials, greatly reducing turnaround times and facilitating immediacy of race coverage.

HYFOIL Marine's innovative vessels at Key West Race Week demonstrated a leap forward in marine technology, emphasizing environmental sustainability and efficiency. Their role in the event set new standards for how competitive sailing can benefit from advanced operational support and media capabilities, showcasing the future potential of maritime support in sports events.




HYFOIL Marine provides media boat and PRO vessel for 2017 Key West Race Week

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