Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 9:00AM

HYFOIL Marine Presents 14-Passenger Commercial 28' and a 22' Electric Vessel at 2021 Newport International Boat Show

At the 2021 Newport International Boat Show, HYFOIL Marine showcased its latest innovation, a 28' hydrofoil-assisted catamaran designed for commercial tours. Equipped with 12 jockey seats and additional bow and rear seating, the catamaran promises comfort at touring speeds. This vessel highlights HYFOIL Marine's commitment to combining speed with sustainability and passenger comfort.

In a pioneering move towards eco-friendly marine technology, HYFOIL also introduced the first fully battery-powered HYFOIL 22', developed in partnership with a USA-based electric engine manufacturer. This launch marks a significant shift towards sustainable marine propulsion, offering a glimpse into the future of environmentally conscious boating.

The event underscored HYFOIL Marine's affiliations with leading sailing and maritime organizations, including Oakcliff, a training center for the US Sailing Team and other prestigious entities. These collaborations emphasize the integration of advanced marine technology with elite sailing performance.

HYFOIL Marine's presentations at the Newport International Boat Show have set new standards in the marine industry, showcasing advancements in hydrofoil technology and electric propulsion. These innovations reflect a step forward in achieving faster, more efficient, and sustainable maritime transport.

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