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At HYFOIL Marine, we blend superior craftsmanship with sustainability. Here's a look at our top-quality construction approach:

Eco-Friendly and High-Quality Materials

  • Hypalon Tubes: Durable and environmentally resilient.
  • Styrene-Free Resins: Lower environmental impact and health risks.
  • Vacuum Infusion: Minimizes waste and VOC emissions.

Advanced Composite Construction

  • Materials: Fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy, and vinyl ester resins.
  • Benefits: Enhanced strength, rigidity, and chemical resistance.

Innovative Technologies and Construction Techniques

  • Hand-Crafted Excellence: Inspected by ABYC master marine technicians and certified professionals.
  • Certified Standards: NMMA certified and USCG inspected.
  • Premium Components: 316 stainless steel hardware.
  • Design Features: Rear boarding platform, center or dual console, and customizable optional bow ramp.

Efficiency and Performance

  • HYFOIL 28 Efficiency: Capable of 4.3 miles per gallon at 40 mph, with a top speed of 50 mph.
  • Fastest Model: Exceeds 50 mph, achieving 2.5 mpg at 50 mph and 3.5 mpg at 30 mph.
  • Power Efficiency: HYFOIL boats double the speed of planning without needing much power, unlike other boats.
  • RPM Efficiency: Efficient within a range of 2500 rpm, not 250, therefore offering 10 times higher efficiency than standard boats.

Tube Advantages

  • Lightweight and Functional: Act as outriggers, make boats unsinkable, and serve as fenders.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easily repaired if scratched or damaged and replaceable for a different look.
  • Travel Convenience: Deflate for safe trailering or storage in a 40’ container.
  • Maintenance Needs: Require fresh water wash and occasional air addition, with a replacement cycle every 15-20 years.

Our dedication ensures each boat delivers exceptional performance, durability, and minimal environmental impact. Experience marine engineering and eco-conscious innovation with HYFOIL Marine.






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