Wed, May 08, 2024 at 9:00AM

HYFOIL Marine Provides Fleet of 28's in NYC to Support SailGP

This June 22nd and 23rd, witness the future of marine technology in action at the SailGP event in New York City. HYFOIL Marine proudly supports the event with a fleet of HYFOIL 28s, showcasing unparalleled advancements in hydrofoil technology.

HYFOIL's participation in SailGP is more than just support, it's a testament to the potential and power of hydrofoil technology in competitive environments. By providing essential support and demonstrating the capabilities of our vessels, HYFOIL Marine underscores its commitment to advancing marine technology.

Unrivaled Performance: HYFOIL's cutting-edge hydrofoil-assisted design allows for stable rapid movement across water, making our boats ideal for high-speed events. Experience how HYFOIL 29s manage speeds exceeding 50 mph with exceptional maneuverability and minimal wake.

Exclusive Technology: As the chosen support boats for SailGP, HYFOIL 28s demonstrate their critical role in enhancing race operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and swiftly without disrupting the racing spectacle.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: Our boats are not just fast; they also have a significantly smaller environmental impact. HYFOIL boats use half the horsepower and 1/3 the fuel, making our participation in SailGP an example of sustainable innovation in sports.

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